ABOUT BEASTPK BeastPK is a RuneScape Private Server; RSPS; based on both 667-vision and OSRS. BeastPK has been running for 2+ years! BeastPK is the first 667-vision RSPS with a working OSRS data! We also have an active wilderness, 20+ custom bosses, and a scam-safe dicing system. There's always something to do, such as; Bossing, PK'ing, Slayer and much much more! Feel the nostalgia of the old PK'ing you were used to combined with new, balanced custom weapons. BeastPK has been up and running perfectly without any DDoS and also includes DDoS Protection for over 2 whole years and more! Among many of these features is our vote for donator. You can enjoy yelling, and much more by just voting! When voting, not only do you receive free donator rank, you also support the server a ton, which we all appreciate! BeastPK is an RSPS that strives for player enjoyment, and the best MMORPG RSPS experience possible.

As mentioned about us; We have an active Wilderness. This includes that we have a perfect ticking system. We have plenty of Special Attack weapons that you can choose from. We definitely know you will enjoy every single one of them! We also offer a temporarily Special Attack weapon for the beginners to try out!

Game Updates
Beastpk Update Log #32

+ Vote


- Runelocus vote has been fixed. I want you guys to know that this wasn't on our side. So it was hard to get it fixed.

(Runelocus gives the auth code now.)


+ Redeems Store


- Toxic blowpipe price has been increased from 1500 to 2000.

- All Celestial amulets price has been increased from 850 to 1000.


+ Online Website Store


- Toxic blowpipe now costs 87,50$

- Golden octo has been decreased from 50$ to 40$.


+ Range


- Magic shortbow stats has been slightly nerfed.

- Rune arrow stats have been nerfed.

- Void accuracy has been nerfed.

- Toxic blowpipe stats has been buffed.


+ Opening a Thread/Topic in-game.


You can now open a thread with the command ;;thread or ;;topic.

Example : http://beastpk.com/community/index.php?/topic/3528-beastpk-update-log-32/


;;thread 3528


+ Opening a Sub-Forum in-game


You can now open a sub-forum with the command ;;forum

Example : http://beastpk.com/community/index.php?/forum/7-game-updates//


;;forum 7


+ Trivia


- A few questions have been fixed.





From now on, I'll be logging every small update I do and make a update log about it.

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Beastpk Update Log #31 (Major)

+ Zulrah

Zulrah is the newest boss addition. With that we'll also be the first 667 to load OSRS data.
To kill zulrah you first need to unlock it with 75 slayer points.
To unlock it talk to any slayer master and access the task shop.
After that talk to the zulrah npc at home.
Zulrah is an instanced boss, luckily it's free. :-)


- Toxic blowpipe (Available at donate store or at the redeems store).

Toxic blowpipe is practically still the same however, we've added the osrs animation for the blowpipe.
It's special attack will heal you depending on the damage dealt.
You can use the blowpipe for either pvming or player killing, however in the wilderness the blowpipe will hit slower.
To use Toxic blowpipe you have to load it with zulrah's scales and dragon darts.

- Trident of the Swamp

Trident of the Swamp has a custom feel to it. It's a staff with a spell built in to it.
It's used mainly used for pvm, but can also be used in the wilderness.
To use Trident of the Swamp you have to load it with zulrah's scales.

This is dropped by Kraken.

- Toxic staff of the Dead

Toxic staff of the Dead has no real special thing. It's just staff used for hybridding & player killing.
To use Toxic staff of the Dead you have to load it with zulrah's scales.

- Serpentine Helm (Available at the redeems store).

Serpentine Helm is the best in slot helm for player killing.
It will poison players you attack. You will also be immune to poison.
To use Serpentine Helm you have to load it with zulrah's scales.

- Magma Helm & Tanzanite Helm

Magma & Tanzanite Helm are the same as the Serpentine Helm just recolored.
Only obtainable through zulrah.
To use the helmets you have to load them with zulrah's scales.

Show-off some of the items : https://gyazo.com/9485a00a8794e89134a4af2d8fbdf144
(It's a gif).

+ Boss Tasks

It's about time to make use of the boss tasks.
Boss tasks will remain the same however it has been given a slight revamp.
It now has it's own shop with various rare items. It's definitely worth the grind!

Shop :

As you noticed the first item is a box. It's a point gamble box. It costs 2 points and gives a chance at dropping any item from the BTP store.

Each boss task gives 1 point. Loyalty members get 1 extra boss task point.
With the addition of boss task points, boss tokens and the boss token store have been removed from the game. Boss task points will also be reset from all players.

+ Pets

- Zulrah (Yes, you can switch the pet to a different version, like melee and mage).
- Sunfreet
- Kraken
- Celestial Dragon

Boss pets weren't giving extra drop rate, only the graardor pet did.
We've fixed that, now all pets give the extra drop rate depending on which boss.

+ Drop Rate Multipliers Changes

- Solari drop rate has been slightly decreased.
- Armadyl wings drop rate has been increased on Solari.
- Armadyl wings drop rate has been decreased on Kree.
- Blowpipe has been removed from the Solari drop rate.
- Celestial fragment drop rate has been decreased from celestial dragons.
- Celestial dragons do not drop celestial strings anymore.
- Celestial strings only drop from the 4 godwars bosses.
- Frost dragons ice nex pieces have been slightly buffed.
- Regular completionist cape drop rate has been decreased from 1% to 0.50%.
- Trimmed completionist cape has a 1% drop rate, making it 0.50% better than the reg comp.
- Ring of wealth drop rate has been decreased to 0.25%.
- Ring of wealth (enhanced) drop rate has been decreased to 0.50%.
- Ring of wealth (enhanced) price has been increased in the redeems store.
- Vote drop rate has been decreased from 1% to 0.50%.
- Boss pets drop rate decreased from 1% to 0.25%.

+ Item Removal & Item Resets

- Boss tokens have been removed from the game.
- Boss tokens store has been removed from the game.
- Beastpk demon has been removed from the game.
- Thunder has been removed from the game.
- Avatar of Destruction has been removed from the game.
- Kodai wand & twisted buckler have been temporarily removed from the game.

Item Resets : Blowpipe, armadyl wings, all celestial amulets, celestial strings, ring of wealth upgraded, golden pets, beasty pieces, elder maul, kodai wand, toxic staff of the dead, nex pieces, pvp tokens, demon horn boots, beasty wings, rgb, santa hat, solari, elite nex

All of these items had issues with its drop rate & availability.

Note : If you have donated within these 2 weeks, and bought your items from the redeems store. Your donation will be refunded.

+ Redeems Store & Loyalty Member Reset

- A few useless items have been removed from the redeems store.
- Nex sets have been increased by 50 redeems.
- Blowpipe price has been increased by 250 redeems.
- Serpentine helm has been increased from 350 to 750.
- Ring of wealth (upgraded) has been renamed to ring of wealth (enhanced).

- Loyalty member price has been increased from 120 to 400 redeems
- All loyalty members have its rank reset.

Note : if you have bought the loyalty rank within these 2 weeks, you will be refunded 120 redeems IF you have proof.

+ Trivia Bot

Trivia questions have been changed.
We had some unprofessional questions on it.
We need more questions though, so if you want your trivia question featured on the server, leave them below!

+ Slayer Shop

- Billz bag is now sold for 25 task points.
- Option to learn zulrah for 75 task points.

+ Crate Keys

- Doomed crate key drop rate has been increased.
- Added Sirenic & Lite crate keys to the monster drop table.
- All crates have received a slight nerf.
- Crate keys in redeems store have been increased in price.
- Sirenic crate tsotd has been replaced for illuminessence.

+ Weapon Tweaks

- Undead dagger special attack accuracy slightly nerfed.
- Dinh's bulwark special attack slightly nerfed.

+ Random bugs & additions

- 3 useless npcs removed from home. (pvm melee, range, mage).
- Tormented demon & king black dragon have been added to the pvm teleports.
- New trimmed completionist cape requirement; Kill 200x zulrah.

Hope you guys enjoy this update. I know some of you guys might not like some of the item resets, but was has to be done has to be done. This time precautions have been taken.
For the people thinking I woke up and decided to piss off players by resetting items, it's not like that.
It was hard for me too. I tried my best not affecting the players that much by not doing an eco reset.
As I have always promised my players to never do an eco reset.

Kind regards,


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Beastpk Update Log #30 (Major)

Reworked PvP Timers


The current timers were very poorly done and its placement was on a awkward place.

We've changed that. The timers will now show on the bottom right.

Not only has the placement changed, but they are dynamic now.

Meaning if you overload and then vengeance, the vengeance timer will pop up as first.


How it looks like : 




+ Healer


A lot of player have suggested this. It's about time we have added it.

The healer is at Edgeville. As its name says, it will heal you and regenerate your special.


+ Tekton


A new wilderness boss that drops raids weapons such as the elder maul.

Of course not just raid items are added to the drop table, a lot of useful drops are added too.

Be aware Tekton is in multi wilderness, so teams might camp it.

To kill Tekton the most efficient way is to use a weapon that has a "Stab" style.

Such as the dragon dagger.


+ Olmlet


Olmlet is also in multi wilderness so beware.

Its drops are raid shields, such as the dinh's bulwark.

Of course not just raid items are added to the drop table, a lot of useful drops are added too.

To kill Olmlet the most efficient way, you will need magic.


Both Olmlet & Tekton are available on the PvM Teleports.


+ Dinh's Bulwark & Elder Maul


- Dinh's Bulwark


Dinh's Bulwark special acts like a dragonfire shield special, but different.


Here's a sneak peak of its special attack.




Special Attack cost : 50%


Obtainable from the Donate Store or Olmlet.


- Elder Maul


The Elder Maul hits a bit faster then normal.

It may not be as accurate, but its special attack is deadly.



Here's a sneak peak of its special attack.




Special Attack cost : 50%


Obtainable from the Donate Store or Tekton. It is also included on the 5K redeems package.


Of course more new special attack weapons & shields will come.


+ Boss Pets Rework


Boss pets have gained a new function.

They will not drop like an item anymore, it will now follow you from behind. Like the skilling pets.

You will also not be able to obtain more then 1 boss pet.

These boss pets now give extra drop rate depending on which boss it is.

Let's say you've received a general graardor pet. Once you drop the pet and kill the general graardor you now receive extra 1% drop rate.


Say hello to the new awesome pets :


Abyssal demon pet

Abyssal demon fire pet

Abyssal demon ice pet

Skeletal dragon pet (New boss coming soon)


+ Small bug fixes & additions.


- Items with the wrong trade value have been fixed.

- On tutorial it will now show the task tab (new players often ask how to do certain stuff).

- Wilderness kills were somehow doubled. That's now fixed. (Thanks to Zonox)

- Fixed an issue where it wouldn't check if you were using illegal symbols on title. (Thanks to Troy).

- A few run errors were fixed.

- Overflow on gambling has been fixed.

- Remove "X"/"All" and all other right click options on trade/gamble have been added.

- Kill count has been added on several monsters & bosses that were missing.

- Nex now drops the pet.

- Added a check for boss master. You need 92 slayer to start boss tasks. (It was too easy to lvl up slayer when you're lvl 1).

- You can reset your boss tasks now for 3 boss task points.

- You can check how many boss task points you have at the boss master.

- You have to be 5 seconds out of combat to use the teletab.

- Coins maul has been nerfed

- Solari & Dark lord drop rate pieces have been buffed.

- Boss pet inventory models have been changed. (It's now the head of the boss).

- Starter crate model has been changed. The old model was causing issues.

- Beginner dark bow and heavy ballista now are 2handed.



Hope you guys will enjoy this update!


I may have forgotten a few things.

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