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Custom Information

On Beastpk you can create your own custom made item! You can choose anything and we will create it to the best of our ability. Not only can you decide its design but you can do the following:

						- Choose your own Item Name.
						- Choose your own item examine.
						- Add a custom special attack. (You will have say in what it will do.)
						- Add stats to the item. (It can be almost anything)
						- Add Lite effect to item. (Able to hit as fast as a toxic blowpipe)
						- Add Tormented effect. (a 40% chance at hitting twice)
						- Add Poison, freeze effects.
						- Add Droprate to item. (A max of 5%)
						- Add any benefit you want in-game.

Note: Depending on what kind of item you want, we reserve the right to disable it from the wilderness. Though you will know beforehand if it's allowed in wilderness.

If you're interested in getting a custom item, feel free to message me on discord: Bennie#8189 or send me a private message on forums at:

Below you can find the custom items we've made for players.

[1.] Elysian Spear

The first custom item we've ever made is the Elysian Spear. It was made for the wilderness specifically and has a custom special attack. It freezes the target, poisens them and hits harder than a fluressence! Here's how it looks:

[2.] Skeleton F*

This custom item is a shoulder pet. It's specifically made for player vs monsters. This shoulder pet has the same stats as an elemental lvl 1 + more attack bonuses, increased drop rate (2%), tormented effect (Which is able to go with another tormented weapon, making you able to hit 4 times!) and better elemental pets benefits. Here's how it looks:

Image from Gyazo